One of the primary benefits of Harlem World Talks is the free access to our Harlem World Talks series attendees. These monthly tied to our editorial calendar of events consistently attract audiences composed of the best names in the arts, life and style as they share the stories behind their projects and passions.

Hosting and/or sponsoring a Harlem World Talks meeting offers excellent exposure and benefits that brings together our sponsors and our community of influencers, so find out all about the #1 site in the world for Harlem content, Harlem World Magazine.


Maya Angelou  $ 1,000 (Includes packages below)

  • Host a Harlem World Talks event
  • Feature on The Danny Tisdale Show Podcast (30 minutes syndicated)
  • 300 x 300 banner

Langtson Hughes $ 500 (Includes package below)

Speakeasy $ 250

  • Segment on The Danny Tisdale Show Podcast (5 minutes)
  • E-mail Blast (5k greater Harlem list)
  • Content Post
  • Social Media & SEO

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